Who Are We?

What is the Salt Lake Dream Team?
The Salt Lake Dream Team (SLDT) is a not-for-profit organization made up of undocumented youth and allies. Established in 2010, we began as a grassroots organization poised to raise awareness in Salt Lake City for the DREAM Act; however, since then we’ve evolved into advocating for all 11 undocumented individuals and families. youth, relatives, and Allies who organize events to inform the public about local and federal immigration issues, civil rights, immigrants rights, DREAM Act
Is it exclusive membership?
No. We are continuously seeking passionate individuals and groups to organize with us. If you are interested, please contact us, we would be honored to have you join.
Why do y’all exist?
The Salt Lake Dream Team is dedicated to helping out the undocumented community here in Salt Lake City and all over the Beehive State. We accomplish this by providing a safe space, resources for higher education, employment opportunities, advice for finding credible legal representation, and more. In addition, we get involved with cases of families who are experiencing deportation. Most importantly, we share our stories of growing up in this blessed country without proper documentation and the challenges of this lifestyle.
How can I help out?
We are always in need of financial donations; however, there are many ways you can contribute.
  • Come Help Organize
  • Spread information thru Social Media or Word of Mouth
  • Sign our petitions
  • Attend a meeting or event
  • Dontate items or services to our office (ex: plumbing or small items) 
What is a DREAMer?
A DREAMer is an undocumented immigrant who would have the chance to become a legal U.S. resident, if the DREAM Act would be signed into law.
What is an Ally?
An Ally is a citizen or resident who supports the immigrant movement or cause.
Where are your meetings?
**Typically we host meetings twice a month; however, at the moment all meetings have been delayed. Nevertheless, email us for any questions at saltlakedreamteam@gmail.com