Why Do People Migrate?


People get bored. Bored of living sometimes, bored of earning in the same currency sometimes, or one might even get bored of eating sometimes. So, when we ask the question “Why do you want to migrate?” to someone you know who decides to pack up & leave the country, there are various reasons behind this. In Sociology, migration is termed in 4 different categories; economic migration, social migration, political migration & environmental migration and all these are determined using the push & pull factors.

Financial burden. This can lead to a migration of a person to maybe a neighboring country or farther. Obviously, the pick would be a country which has a bigger currency & which pays more & has more employee benefits. They would rather spend thousands of miles away from their loved ones & to earn more to give their loved ones back home a better life.

Maybe they want a challenge. Not to pin point any, but usually some countries have a backdated kind of living environment. From the culture to the food – everything needs to be cultured, which sometimes makes some situations dull & boring to some. We’re not saying that cultured living is a negative thing, but for some people, they need their lives not to be controlled & static. Hence the migration.

Education. The thirst for education is real for some of us. The more backdated an education system is, the more these people look for a more challenging syllabus. Or some parents might have the resources to send their children to countries that have better education systems & their children might stick on in that country until they’ve found a job, built a family & settled down there – which is also a kind of migration.

For some unfortunate countries, their people might migrate due to escaping the war or even a tightly ruled country. (This causes fear and anxiety which can be help – have a peek at this web-site). They want to taste the freedom & they decide that they can only do that by escaping or running which means migrating to another country closest to the. Sometimes, some might even migrate due to climate change & they become more secure in a country with less floods or earthquakes or other environmental danger.